How Much Can You Save On Hearing Aids When You Get Over-The-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids

In the past, the only way to purchase hearing aids was through audiologists or hearing centers. They only offered a limited selection of brands like Starkey, Oticon, ReSound and more, which are among the most expensive in the market. With added markups in stores, audiologist services, fitting, and other fees, the price of a traditional hearing aid could range from $5,000 to $10,000 or more. According to a survey by the Food and Drug Administration, around 30 million Americans have hearing loss, but only 20% of them seek help, likely due to the high cost of hearing aids.

With new policies allowing direct purchase of hearing aids, prices are significantly lower, and there's a wider selection of brands and models that many hearing clinics don't offer. This makes it much easier and more affordable for many Americans with hearing impairments to get assistance. Follow ELEHEAR to discover how much you can save on hearing aids by opting for Over-The-Counter (OTC) solutions. 


Buy hearing aids directly? Can save money?

The FDA reauthorized legislation that eliminated the requirement for a medical evaluation when purchasing hearing aids. It also established a new device category called Over-The-Counter (OTC) hearing aids. This law opened the door for large retailers like Costco to enter the OTC hearing aid market. People no longer need to visit hearing aid centers and pay for evaluations and fittings; instead, they can visit one of these stores, undergo free hearing tests, and choose from a wider selection of hearing aids.

Large retailers offer significant discounts on hearing aids because they purchase a higher volume of devices and can negotiate lower costs with manufacturers. Additionally, because fittings are conducted by hearing aid specialists rather than audiologists, costs are further reduced. In many cases, the direct purchase model can reduce hearing aid costs by 50% or more!

Furthermore, OTC hearing aids can be purchased online. Buying online means many major brands can bypass intermediaries and sell directly to consumers. Manufacturers selling hearing aids online make it easier and more affordable for people to purchase high-quality hearing aids. By selling directly to consumers, manufacturers can save on expensive storefront costs and pass these savings on to customers. Online hearing aid brands can also do everything large retailers can do. You can participate in free and simple online hearing tests. The cost of purchasing hearing aids online is much lower.

At ELEHEAR, we offer an affordable Bluetooth OTC hearing aid model for just $499 per pair. The technological level of our hearing aids is comparable to top models sold in hearing centers, but our prices are much cheaper, offering excellent value for money!


More tips to save money on hearing aids

ELEHEAR offers more money-saving of hearing aids tips for consideration:

Utilize your Health Savings Account (HSA) to cover hearing aid expenses. According to HSA regulations, hearing aids qualify as eligible expenses. This means you can withdraw tax-advantaged funds from your HSA to cover the purchase cost, avoiding interest costs associated with financing. Prepaying with HSA dollars upfront can help circumvent financing-related interest expenses.

Purchase hearing aids online and have them fitted by an audiologist or hearing aid specialist. If you're concerned about custom fittings, you can buy hearing aids online and opt for professional fitting once you receive the devices. You'll still save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the device itself and only pay for the services of an audiologist or hearing aid specialist as needed. ELEHEAR offers free hearing specialist services when you purchase one of our products.

Look for devices with rechargeable batteries. Using rechargeable devices can save you hundreds of dollars. Most rechargeable hearing aids work all day on a single charge, and all of ELEHEAR's hearing aids come with rechargeable batteries.

The high cost of hearing aids has been a major barrier to correcting mild to moderate hearing loss in the past. But nowadays, Over-the-counter hearing aids represent a crucial step in eliminating this barrier. Many individuals cannot afford to prepay $5,000 or more for a pair of hearing aids at a hearing clinic. The cost of purchasing hearing aids online can be reduced to $500 or lower (for the most affordable models). Take a step towards affordable hearing solutions with ELEHEAR now! Join brand new hearing experience with much affordable methods.

ELEHEAR's editor is dedicated to sharing popular science information about OTC hearing aids. They also provide helpful tutorials on how to use ELEHEAR hearing aids, ensuring users have access to valuable knowledge and guidance for a seamless hearing experience.
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