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Benefit From ELEHEAR Online Hearing Test

Benefit From ELEHEAR Online Hearing Test

  • Check Your Hearing Health In Total Comfort & Privacy

    Take the screening using devices you have at home and get instant results. No more waiting rooms!

  • Peace Of Mind About Your Hearing Health

    Learn about your listening abilities and gain insights on any hearing challenges to see if any further action is required.

  • Professionally Designed

    Driven by science and clinically-validated design with results you can trust.

"I have hearing loss. What should I do next?"

If your results show a possible hearing loss, contact a hearing care professional who can provide additional information on your hearing loss, hearing aids recommendation, and any other questions you may have. You can visit an audiologist, or get started by contacting an ELEHEAR expert.

Once you have worked with a professional to better understand your options, you may find hearing aids that is right for you. Getting a pair of hearing aids is easier and more affordable than ever. The ELEHEAR hearing aids are available for purchase directly online and come with a risk-free trial to ensure the right fit and satisfaction.