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Does the Alpha Pro allow phone calls on the hearing aids?

Yes, you can make phone calls with our Alpha Pro. Do ensure that your phone has Bluetooth version 5.3 or below (Bluetooth 5.3 is backward-compatible with lower Bluetooth versions). However, successful connectivity also depends on specific circumstances and device compatibility.

Does the Alpha series hearing aids come in different / other colors?

Currently, our Alpha series is only available in Dark Grey. We have more color options in the planning so stay tuned! Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest information about ELEHEAR.

Is the Alpha series available with different tube sizes?

Our Alpha series are OTC RIC hearing aids. We provide a standard receiver with wire and the receiver is non-replacement. The length of the wire is similar to the 2B wires used in BTE hearing aids. However, for special request on the tube sizes, kindly contact our Customer Support team at contact@elehear.com and it shall be considered on a case-by-case basis on reasonable terms.

Can the Alpha series be used for severe level hearing loss?

The Alpha series are OTC hearing aids designed to suit mild to moderate hearing loss.

What is the max dB output for the Alpha series?

The max dB output is ≤ 112dB + 3dB for the Alpha series.