Safeguard Your Hearing Aids Tips to Shield Them from Sweat and Humidity

It's crucial to maintain the dryness of your hearing aids if you use them. While many individuals understand this, they might not be aware of the ease with which their device can be damaged or the potential accumulation of moisture over time. Necessitating repairs or replacements.

Safeguard Your Hearing Aids Tips to Shield Them from Sweat and Humidity

How to protect hearing aids from sweat?

Hearing aids, especially those placed behind the ear, should be kept away from any liquid or source of moisture, including sweat. If we plan to sweat or find ourselves in a situation of unavoidable heat, we should dry our ear and the device regularly or use an accessory that stops or diverts sweat.

Sweat can damage hearing aids

Sweat is a liquid substance produced by the sweat glands. It is made up of 99% water, so it poses a serious threat to hearing aids. In fact, water and humidity are the main enemies of these devices, especially behind-the-ear BTE hearing aids , which are those that are placed behind the ear. In these hearing aid models, the microphone device is the part behind the ear and the receiver is connected through a thin, transparent tube, which is placed inside the ear and emits sounds directly to your ear.

Can I exercise with headphones if I'm going to sweat?

Hearing aids are key to hearing well, so it is advisable to also use them while doing sports, whether outdoors or in a gym or indoor venue. However, if intense sweating is anticipated, extreme precautions must be taken:

Use sweatbands or straps on your forehead

Dry sweat regularly with a towel

Once you finish exercising, dehumidify the hearing aids, as they have been exposed to a level of body humidity much higher than usual

Avoid direct sun exposure with hearing aids

Sweat appears when we exercise or when we are exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, it is essential to avoid direct exposure to the sun in the summer months . It's not just about avoiding sweating, but heat can also affect the normal functioning of our hearing aid. And if we are at the beach or the pool and we are going to swim, we must store our devices in their case or in a closed bag that is not exposed to the sun.

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