Troubleshooting Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology is one the most sought-after features in modern hearing aids.  Bluetooth provides great convenience to the hearing aid user.  It grants greater access to hearing aid control through a mobile app versus an on-board volume wheel or push-button, and it allows for the streaming of audio signals directly from your smart-phone/tablet to your hearing aids.  Of course, with every upside, there will inevitably be a downside.  Bluetooth streaming puts a greater strain on hearing aid battery life, so the daily battery longevity can be expected to drop from 20 hours/day, with no bluetooth, to 13-14 hours/day, when bluetooth streaming is permitted.  Bluetooth also has distance limitations, so if you walk away from your electronic device (phone/tablet) while wearing your hearing aids, you may lose the bluetooth connection.  When this occurs, you will have to re-establish the bluetooth connection before you can access bluetooth again.  

Troubleshooting Bluetooth

How to pair your hearing aids to your electronic device?

Pairing bluetooth-compatible hearing aids to your electronic device (phone/tablet) should be no different than connecting to other bluetooth devices.

  1. Put your hearing aids in ‘pairing’ mode (Place in the charger/Close lid/Remove).
  2. On Apple products: Open your phone Settings. Select Bluetooth. Ensure the slider is ON (green). Scroll down until you see ‘ELEHEAR’ and click on its name.  
  3. On Android products: Open your phone Settings. Select “Connections”. Select Bluetooth and ensure it is ON (blue). Tap ‘ELEHEAR’. Tap PAIR.
  4. Once the hearing aids are connected to your electronic device, you will hear them announce: “Connected”.
  5. Once connected, you can access the features of the mobile app to control your hearing aids, and any audio signals (phone calls, music, etc.) should now be automatically streamed to your hearing aids.


  • Sometimes my hearing aid automatically connects to my phone when I turn it on, but other times it doesn’t.
    • The AlphaPro is designed to attempt connection to the last-connected phone/table when it powers on, but it will only try for 10-seconds.  It is recommended that you have your phone nearby with the bluetooth already turned ON before you remove the hearing aids from the charger in the morning.
  • If you are trying to use bluetooth, your hearing aids do have to be in close proximity to your electronic device.  If you walk away from your device, you may lose your connection and have to re-pair when you come back to it (turn hearing aids OFF, then back ON).
  • If you aren’t hearing the audio signal through your hearing aids:
    • Tap on your phone/tablet volume control to ensure the bluetooth volume is adequate.
    • Ensure you are ‘connected’ to your ELEHEAR devices under ‘Bluetooth’.

   elehear Bluetooth elehear Bluetooth hearing aids

  • If you have paired your ELEHEAR hearing aids to more than one electronic device (phone/tablet) you may need to turn the bluetooth OFF on the device you are NOT using if it is in close proximity.  The hearing aids may have paired to it, and not the device you are trying to use.
  • Check your app to ensure you have the most recent App Version
    • (Click ‘Account Manager’ [upper left].  Click ‘About’.  Click ‘Version Upgrade’.)
  • If your hearing aid battery is low, the hearing aid will not allow you to utilize bluetooth.  This is a battery-saving technique.  Stopping the bluetooth will keep the hearing aid battery high enough to allow the hearing aids to continue working (providing you with adequate hearing).     
  • Standing too close to a Wi-Fi router or other internet connection may affect your hearing aid Bluetooth connection.

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Jalene Nadeau, AuD
With close to two decades of experience in ENT offices, Jalene brings invaluable expertise in audiology. Graduating with distinction in Audiology from the University of Connecticut in 2002, she has been a pioneer in the evolving field of hearing health. Jalene's dedication to staying at the forefront of modern technology has enabled her to revolutionize the remote experience of enhanced hearing for clients.
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