The ELEHEAR App offers unique personalized options that allow you to take control of your hearing health while seamlessly adapting to your lifestyle.

ELEHEAR Different

Fine-tuning adjustment

Remote sound capture

Environmental noise control

Independent volume adjustment

4 modes switching

Battery level monitoring

Customize Your Hearing Experience with ELEHEAR APP

Personalize your hearing experience by adjusting volume and other settings for specific listening situations that meet your unique needs.

In addition, we have professional audiologists who can help you optimize your hearing experience and help you regain the clarity and enjoyment of sound in various situations. Stay connected with them: support@elehear.com

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Advanced Settings

Unleash the Potential of Personalized Listening Comfort with our Advanced Frequency Control Tool. Fine-tune the highs, mids, and lows to perfection, achieving optimal comfort that perfectly matches your individual hearing preferences.

remote sound

Remote Sound Capture

With remote sound capture, your smartphone acts as a microphone, transmitting sound directly to your ELEHEAR hearing aids.