The Dry Box for ELEHEAR Alpha Series is an extremely efficient drying box that keeps your Alpha series hearing aids free from condensation, extending their lifespan and keeping them sounding at their best. With automatic constant temperature heating element, the dry box can reach the set constant temperature in a short time, and has obvious dehumidification effect. With its compact design, the dry box is easy to carry and stable in performance.
The powerful and efficient drying system makes the dry box the perfect choice in keeping your hearing aids in top condition, for both home and travel use.

How To Use

1. Place the Alpha series hearing aids into the drying station and cover it.

2. After 8 hours of drying, the indicating light starts to blink slowly to indicate that the drying process is completed.

3. When the electronic dryer stops working, simply unplug the cable to switch it off completely.


- Constant Heat / Temperature Range: 50℃±5℃
- Auto Stop Time: 8 hours
- Low Voltage Power Supply: DC5V/1A (via USB interface)
- Cable Line: 2.0 USB cable
- Product Size: 76.5mm x 67mm x 44mm
- Color: White

What's In The Box

- Dry Box (drying station)

- USB-C Cable (cable only)

- User Manual