Memory Boosters: Tips and Guides for Improving Memory with Hearing Loss

Have you ever heard about auditory memory before? This name may not sound familiar to you, but surely this sensory resource has been activated more than once in your life.

There is a fact that Hearing loss is always associated with the aging change, and more than just that, there is a clear connection between memory and hearing.

Which means memory decline can be one of the initial signs of hearing impairment. As hearing difficulties develop gradually, you may notice forgetfulness before being aware of changes in your hearing. Protecting your hearing is crucial for maintaining memory and cognitive sharpness, especially in old age. Understanding how memory works, how aging and hearing loss affect memory, and what measures you can take to improve your memory are important.

Taking steps to protect your hearing can contribute to maintaining cognitive functions and memory as you age. Regular hearing check-ups, using hearing protection in noisy environments, and adopting a healthy lifestyle can all play a role in preserving both hearing and memory.

Through this articles, ELEHEAR going to introduce more about auditory memory and how to improve it.

Example of auditory memory

Memory Boosters: Tips and Guides for Improving Memory with Hearing Loss

To fully understand what auditory memory consists of, we are going to give some examples of what it is for and when it is activated:

We are able to remember the name of a person we have just met.

It is also responsible for us remembering a phone number or address.

We are able to quickly respond to a question whose answer we know, for example in a board game, an oral exam or a contest.

Recognize the voices of our close people, for example the voices of our parents, friends, children...

How can we improve memory?

Some people who suffer from a deficit in this type of memory may have academic or social problems, especially when we are talking about children. It can also happen that echoic memory is diminished in situations of great stress or when we are resting poorly or with many worries. However, there are exercises for auditory memory that we can do to improve it.


The brain has a great plastic capacity, so it is possible to improve language and comprehension through auditory memory exercises .

Stimulating auditory sequential memory through games is not difficult and is usually quite entertaining.

If it is done in a group, a series of symbols or photographs are placed in plain view, a circle is made with the participants and they must pass the ball to each other. The person who receives it must name one of the images and pass the ball to another player, who must repeat the previous word and a new one, to pass the ball again to another member. Thus, little by little, the difficulty increases. If the work is not done in a group, the same can be done with two people and without the need to pass any object.

Another exercise or game to stimulate auditory memory is to do bingo with pictograms.

All these types of exercises are focused on being able to relate representations of an object with its name, within them many variants can be done.


On a daily basis, activities for auditory memory can also be carried out, such as naming the objects that we are using, or trying to do series like those we have mentioned in the previous exercises. It is not necessary to dedicate a lot of time to it every day, but consistency is important.

Protect your ears to improve auditory memory

If memory loss is attributed to poor hearing, consulting a hearing health professional for a thorough hearing test and suitable treatment can be beneficial. Wearing ELEHEAR OTC hearing aids can improve your hearing function, reducing cognitive overload. With improved hearing, the brain no longer has to exert extra effort to overcome the challenges of listening, leading to more efficient processing of information. This, in turn, facilitates better storage of information in your memory, making it readily available for recall when needed. 
Now, we present a Christmas sale offer to you, eliminating the need for concern so that you can experience improved hearing and memory. 

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