Unveiling the Truth Age-Independent Factors in Hearing Loss

Do you know that fact that hearing loss does not depend on age? Nurturing appropriate listening habits in your children can yield long-term advantages extending well into their adolescent and adult years.

Unveiling the Truth: Age-Independent Factors in Hearing Loss

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults face the risk of hearing impairment due to frequent exposure to high volumes of noise in recreational settings, including concerts, sporting events, and the excessive use of headphones.

Sustained exposure to noise levels exceeding 85 decibels can progressively harm our hearing. It's not uncommon for headphone volumes to surpass 100 dB, and during any live concert, we're often exposed to sound levels that can reach 120 dB with ease.

There is no age to take care of your hearing health

The facts are clear: exposure to loud noise damages the hair cells in the ear, which are responsible for receiving sound. This means that if too many hair cells are damaged, the ear loses its ability to transmit sound to the brain.

A recent study from Ohio University, USA, shows that even mild hearing loss in young people (who often do not realize it), produces cognitive changes in the brain that accelerate the development of dementia at older ages.  

Risk habits

Young people are more susceptible to risky listening habits. Currently, many teenagers use headphones every day to listen to music, watch movies, and play video games on their cell phones and tablets.

Most young people are not aware of the cumulative and permanent impact that noise can have on our hearing health. It is essential to alert the population to the importance of having healthy listening habits, especially children and adolescents, and to detect the first signs of hearing loss.

Promote Healthy Listening Habits

We can help adolescents and young adults develop healthy behaviors in this noisy world we live in, contributing to the prevention of hearing loss. It is essential to educate young people about risky listening habits, to help them take care of their hearing health in the short and long term.

Down the volume

Who said louder is more fun? Today's loud music is tomorrow's inability to hear conversations with friends in restaurants or teachers in class. Most smartphones have a sound limit that allows us to adjust the volume automatically. We advise you that the volume does not exceed 60% of the maximum power.

Can the person next to you hear the music you listen to in your headphones? That's a clear indicator that you have your music too loud!

Don't turn up the volume to 'block out' noisy environments. Choose headphones with active noise cancellation to filter outside sounds.

In the same way that it is better to use two headphones, it is better to use two headphones. When you wear your headphones on only one side, the sound doesn't seem as loud and you're more likely to turn up the volume.

Control the time

Limit the time you use your headphones and take some breaks so your ears can rest. The damage caused by noise exposure is cumulative.

The louder the noise, the faster the damage occurs. Our experts recommend applying the 60/60 rule: do not use the headphones for more than 60 minutes at a time and adjust the volume below 60% of the device's maximum power.

Protect your ears

Hearing Loss Elehear black friday

A ticket to a concert or sporting event may be expensive, but protecting your hearing shouldn't be. A pair of earplugs can prevent exposure to excessive noise because they block the ear canal.

If it is an unexpected situation where a siren or explosion occurs, cover your ears with your hands to block the sound.

Do you want to know more about how to take care of your hearing? Read more information here.

Introduce healthy listening habits in your family

You can encourage healthy listening behaviors in your family. Lower the volume on the television, radio, and other equipment to minimize noise in your home. By adopting these customs, family lunches and dinners can become easier moments of conversation, due to the reduction of background noise.

When you have to buy appliances, choose quieter appliances, especially frequently used items such as hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, etc., and insist that all your family members wear noise-resistant headphones when mowing the lawn or when using tools. electrical.

Check your hearing once a year

Getting a hearing check is easy, painless, and an essential test to protect your family's hearing health.

If a family member of yours watches TV with the volume very high, asks you to repeat phrases many times, or complains of ringing in the ears, contact a hearing health expert immediately. Or do our online hearing test.

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