Your Go-To Guide: 5 Tips to Easily Remove Water from Your Ears

You may have been doing it wrong your whole life. Eliminate water from the ear with these simple tricks.
Having some water in the ears is a very common situation that we have all suffered at some point. It must often happened when you get out of the shower, or after bathing in the pool or on the beach, traces of water may remain in the ear , which can be quite annoying.
Surely, in these cases, you have been told about the trick of shaking your head or jumping so that the water that has gotten into your ear comes out. Maybe you don't know that you were doing it wrong, at least that's what a latest study by several researchers indicates.

Your Go-To Guide: 5 Tips to Easily Remove Water from Your Ears
Experiencing the discomfort of waterlogged ears or dealing with a stubborn wax plug can be quite bothersome. At ELEHEAR, we're here to guide you on safely alleviating water from your ears. Just adhere to these 6 simple steps, ensuring a gentle and effective approach without causing harm to your ears.

Avoid Jumping or Shaking Your Head

This movement can harm the health of your ear and brain due to the acceleration forces involved in the expulsion of water from the human ear canal, as confirmed by the study that we mentioned at the beginning of this article.

How can you then remove the water?

Wait for the water to disappear due to the force of gravity in a few hours.
Also try lying on your side or moving your earlobe so that the water is expelled out of the ear.

Dry the ear using a towel

Gently use a towel to facilitate the evaporation of water in the ear. After a shower, it's advisable to clean your ears with a towel, avoiding the use of cotton buds since they are not recommended for ear cleaning.

Keep in mind that the ear is a self-cleaning organ, and the only necessary action is to gently dry it with a towel.

Yawn and chew

This simple solution often proves effective in many cases. If water becomes trapped in the Eustachian tube, moving the mouth through yawning or chewing gum can help mobilize the area and expel the liquid from the ears.

The Valsalva maneuver

It is a simple maneuver that, if done carefully and conscientiously, can help us eliminate water from our ears.

You just have to follow these steps:

Inhale deeply

Be silent (Close your mouth)

Gently pinch your nostrils using your thumb and index finger.

Exhale slowly through your nose.

Water vapor

High temperature water vapor can expel the liquid inside your ear. So a hot shower that generates enough steam or, better yet, a sauna at the gym can help you solve the problem.

You can also make the classic steams that are also recommended to unclog nasal congestion: Fill a container with hot water and place your face on top while covering yourself with a towel so that the steam does not escape.

After about 5 minutes, try tilting your head to see if the liquid flows out and you get rid of the problem.

In conclusion, banish bothersome water in your ears with these smart and safe tricks. No head shaking needed! Opt for gravity, towel drying, or even a satisfying yawn. The Valsalva maneuver adds a careful touch, while warm vapor or a sauna session can steam away the issue. Try these easy tips for a quick and gentle solution to waterlogged ears!

If you face more hearing issues, you can contact our professional customer service anytime and try our product ELEHEAR ALPHA PRO OTC hearing aids for only three weeks to have a better hearing experience.

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